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Feedback Form (brainstorm)

Here's a question form based on the brainstorm list from the page "Feedback Form (brainstorm)":
How easy was it for you to get to this event venue?
How would you rate this event?
Would you like to come again to our future events?
Did the starting time of the event suit you?
Do you think the event duration was too short, too long, or just right?
Just right for me
How long would you prefer this type of event to typically be?
≤ 1 hour
≥ 1 hour
≤ 2 hours
What other topics would you like to hear about?
Mental Health & Psychology
Science & Technology
Art & Literature
Language Sciences
Health and Medical
On what days would you prefer such events to be held?
Would you consider chipping in on the cost of organizing the event?
I would only attend if it's free
I don't mind chipping in (any amount I can afford)


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