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Assalam. The current issue is that the Israeli regime launched extremist genocide on Palestinians. Could you please advise what the best practices are for Muslims to support them?
Why do you believe and follow the words of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?
Is there a take away message that we can bring home, even as non Muslim? Somehting we can practice.
How to cope with depression and guilt
how can we focus on His mercy when surrounded by rage from actions of creation at the moment?
The topic discussed today is in regards to finding peace in the midst of worldly chaos we live in today. Given that we do live in our daily rat race routine, how do we really get our hearts to change (to find peace), knowing that change in by nature itself is difficult to embrace. Please assume I am a not a practising muslim and I have yet to discover a deep interest to the teachings of Islam for now
Where can I explore more about the concept of Nūr Muhammad ﷺ e.g. names of english books/ translations etc.?
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